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  Date : Saturday, 10 October 2015
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Welcome to Sunstar  

Sunstar Incorporated, based in Springboro, Ohio since 1993, is a subsidiary of Sunstar Engineering in Japan. Sunstar Engineering has been a leading supplier to the Japanese automotive industry for more than 50 years.

Sunstar Incorporated manufactures superior adhesives, sealants and coating products, which are designed to improve the quality and safety of the vehicle. Sunstar Engineering offers the customer global capabilities with Research & Development and Manufacturing facilities around the world. Sunstar produces over 300 grades of adhesives and sealants that are used in the automotive market, automotive after-market, casket industry, construction, sports equipment and appliances as well as other market areas.


Sunstar Engineering strives to develop products with one and only uniqueness. That is, Sunstar wishes to take on the most difficult bonding materials and develop adhesives and sealants for the end user. Two such materials are aluminum and polypropylene. Aluminum is being used to replace steel in some stamped body parts such as hoods and trunks (bonnets). By using Aluminum, the automotive manufacturer can reduce the weight of the car.

Sunstar has developed a one-component epoxy that can be used as a structural adhesive for bonding aluminum parts. Our competitors offer high priced two-component materials, which require additional time and labor. Polypropylene can be used as a substrate for such interior parts as instrument panels, door panels, consoles, glove boxes and others.

Polypropylene is half the cost of other thermoplastics and can be recycled if the part does not meet the expectation of the interior maker. The difficulties in bonding PP are that a primer or some other surface treatment such as corona or flame treatment is needed. Sunstar has developed three adhesives that bond PP to various substrates without any primer or surface treatment.

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